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Custom designs

Grisaille Studio London makes accessible the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years in architecture and furniture design, and mix it with different levels of professionalism as required by architects or designers with live and current projects. Every project is unique in its own way.
Our design team specialises in bespoke Italian kitchen design and installation alongside luxury wardrobes, dressing rooms and lounge systems.

We produce our furniture directly from the factory in Northern Italy and source natural stone from Verona (Stone Valley). The skilled craftsmen are able to grasp the intentions and expectations of the designers down to the smallest details. Personality and personalisation. These are the two inspiring principles of the company. The possibility of creating furniture with great character, inspired by the customers’ tastes and needs.

Behind the scenes, in the workshop where our bespoke kitchens are made by talented craftsmen. The factory is run by a team of highly skilled joiners and technicians which allows us to produce high quality, bespoke furniture.
Their passion and dedication help us achieve our vision.
This, combined with highly skilled artisans, with countless years experience in stone masonry, is the reason we are able to offer a bespoke exceptional service.