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Harpenden Family Home​

Harpenden Family Home

Formal Living Room: Our vision for the formal living room includes a bespoke media unit that accommodates the TV and audio equipment, all set within a central panel. The ribbed back panel boasts a natural wood veneer finish, infusing warmth and sophistication into the room. Flanking this central piece are two floating bookshelves, each with an antique bronze mirror back, adding depth and elegance to the design. At the lower level, we’ve incorporated low units for discreet storage. These units feature a luxurious Calacatta Monet marble top and downlegs. The result is a carefully curated and functional living space with a strong emphasis on style and sophistication. 

Lounge Bar: In crafting the bespoke piece for the lounge bar, we’ve introduced a multifunctional masterpiece. This custom furniture seamlessly integrates the TV and sound system with a built-in fireplace. The central feature is the metallic sliding doors, which gracefully conceal the TV when needed, while showcasing stylish shelves on both ends.The design, a harmonious interplay of wood, natural stone, antique mirror, glass, and bronze-hued anodized aluminum, creates a visually stunning and tactile experience, making the lounge bar a true centerpiece in the space.