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Hampstead House 2​

Hampstead House 2

Within an open-plan living space, we’ve curated a striking minimalist kitchen that seamlessly marries form and function. Notable in this design is the sink run, featuring an extra deep worktop, meticulously crafted to extend the kitchen’s utility beyond its indoor boundaries. When the bi-fold doors swing open, a bridge to the outdoors is effortlessly created, harmoniously integrating the garden space with the interior of the house.

The natural quartzite selected for both the kitchen and utility room is Taj Mahal, boasting a luxurious leathered finish. This choice not only adds a tactile dimension to the surfaces but also unveils the captivating veins and natural fissures inherent in the stone. It’s a testament to the fusion of nature’s artistry with minimalist aesthetics, creating a harmonious and functional space that invites the outdoors in and celebrates the beauty of the natural world within the heart of the home.