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Hampstead House​

Hampstead House

In this kitchen, our primary focus was to make the absolute most of the available space. Our goal was to maximise storage while seamlessly integrating the kitchen with the conservatory. The layout has been thoughtfully planned to create a visual flow that starts from the entrance door, meanders through the kitchen area, and extends to the garden, connecting these spaces harmoniously.

Within the kitchen, we’ve ensured that different working areas are strategically positioned to optimise functionality. This layout guarantees efficient operation at all times, allowing multiple users to engage in various tasks simultaneously without any disruptions.

The kitchen’s aesthetics are enhanced by combining high-quality materials, including natural veneer, White Macaubas quartzite worktops, and reeded glass wall units. This interplay of materials creates a visually appealing space that marries form and function, offering a practical and elegant environment for cooking and daily activities.